All design work done by TVWebDesigns is based on what you require, the predicted man hours, and complexity of the work. Before we get down to work we will through discovery offer a no-obligation quote with no cost surprises. The following design costs are being offered, though, as a general rule in order to give you a sense of what would be involved.


Starting at $750

Examples are: Events(weddings, births, etc.), personal blogs, photo gallery to show off your images.

Joomla or WordPress based

Includes basic plugins/extensions such as contact forms and social media integration.

Includes SEO optimization


Starting at $1500

Designed for businesses who are not seeking to directly sell a product or service online but need an online presence* 

Joomla or WordPress based

Functionality from contact forms, newsletters, social media integration, google maps, etc.

Includes SEO optimization

*We can add for businesses who desire to sell just a few products online that ability without the full e-commerce startup cost.



Starting at $3000

Full featured e-commerce solutions.

Multiple options to choose from for a shopping cart

Can be incorporated into a Joomla or WordPress business site design.

Functionality to your request

Includes SEO optimization



Starting at $500

Add functionality to existing web site

Repair/fix broken functionality

Port site into an a Joomla or WordPress framework for for better CMS functionality

Includes SEO optimization