SEO is the process of making ones web site easily readable by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These search engines periodically "visit" individual web sites and dig through it in an attempt to index/categorize it so it will show up on their listings when particular words are searched for by end-users. SEO shouldn't be confused with paid advertising. There is really nothing mysterious about SEO though there are many aspects to the algorithms used by search engines in how a site ranks. Optimization really refers to building a web site to take advantage of these algorithms to help list the site at or near the top of search results for the desired audience.


There is no ready answer to that. You will place as high as possible. Let's say you are a roofer in the Boise, ID area and you want a site developed that is easily findable by potential customers. We can deduct several possible terms a customer would search for but "Boise Roofing Company" would likely be a common search term. If you "own" the domain name of you have a leg up on that term for the domain name has a lot of weight in the indexing algorithm. Whoever has that domain if they know what they are doing in regard to SEO would be hard to knock off of the #1 position but that is also not the only search term that would be used and as well it is feasible to be right up there with it in regards to rank if we wanted to focus on the same search term used. That is a straightforward example and there are tools of the trade that can be utilized and will be discussed. It should be recognized that search engines such as Google change their algorithms quite often for many reasons the least of which would be to generate income for themselves through their paid advertising channels. If a company can invest $0 and be ranking at or near the top why would they invest those dollars with Google? TVWebDesigns will not guarantee rankings based on what is not controlled by anyone other than Google, for example, and anyone involved with SEO should be very honest about that. The methods to ranking can and do change though a solid base will lead to better future results. Rankings are really just a snapshot in time and while continued maintenance is offered where SEO can continually be looked at the measure of a successful web presence is the transition of a viewer to customer. Regardless, TVWebDesigns will be your partner to a successful web site presence...what good is a great looking site if it can't be found?


TV Web Designs is not a paid for SEO entity. That is, what we build is already optimized for search engines as part of our service. Part of the design process is simply discovering what you want your target audience to be and focusing the back-end code around that so your web site will rank as high as possible with that audience. There is no need to invest in 3rd party SEO companies who essentially sell a service that is already done for you.

SEO Growth

The example above is based on a search that includes "Boise" for a reason. Though not true of all web sites and needs, local searches by the end user are extremely common and it is typically important to incorporate the locale while fact, many of the search engines base the search off of a potential customers current location and return results without having to enter in "Boise". This does not mean if say, your business is actually in a neighboring town such as Meridian, ID, that it would be overlooked but including the major nearby metro area cannot be ignored. With the majority of searches being done by mobile/phone users now and with many searches incorporating tools such as Google Maps TVWebDesigns has your back.