The web sites created by TVWebDesigns are guaranteed to look and operate great upon completion. Typically, maintenance of the site can be performed by you particularly in the case where a CMS such as Joomla or WordPress is used in order to alter articles, update information on the site, etc. That said, if you'd like your site to be maintained by installing updates to existing software used, perform the tasks of updating information/articles/images on the site, or even new product insertion in the case of e-commerce sites we can take care of that for you. Cost is generally just a flat rate of $30/mo though in cases where the before mentioned updating of products on a site is concerned if the total per month is excessive we will negotiate a fair cost to you. TVWebDesigns can maintain your web site regardless if it is hosted on our servers or not.


The web sites hosted by TVWebDesigns are sites designed and built by us. This helps to ensure an environment where we can continue to operate our servers in a consistent fashion with your specific web site needs in mind. How many times have you come across a "broken" web site with error code displayed across the top of it? Oftentimes this is the result of a web host changing the version of PHP that is running on a server and the site was designed for a different version. The consistency of web sites across our servers also helps maintain a more secure environment where compromised code is not shared on a server. We offer our hosting at $20/mo to our clients and in the cases where a dedicated IP is required(most common with large e-commerce stores) at $20/mo. TVWebDesigns doesn't play the "unlimited" game with our clients for there is no such thing; please see the about us page. We do offer 15GB of data storage per account(please let us know if you need more), 50 email addresses, direct access to your visitor metrics, ability to create sub-domains and add-on domains, plus a lot more. Our hosting back-end offers CPanel to our clients where you really have access to just about anything you need. For those hosting with us we do offer an incentive towards maintenance costs where it is instead $20/mo. for a total of $40/mo.



  • Hosted on our dedicated servers in the Dallas datacenter known for unsurpassed network connectivity 
  • 15GB of data storage
  • 50 email addresses
  • Full control of your web space via CPanel
  • Please feel free to contact TVWebDesigns if you need any customization



  • Includes text, image,and basic design alterations
  • Update software such as base CMS, shopping cart, plugins if updates beneficial to your site
  • Basic product insertion for e-commerce stores.  If a large store with multiple requests per week we would need to adjust the cost.  Contact us for a quote.
  • If you don't choose use to maintain your web site you can always contact us in the future if you need one time alterations done.


Hosting and Maintenance


  • All in one hosting and maintenance with $10 off of maintenance if hosted with TVWebDesigns.