Web Site Hosting


TVWebDesigns will build you a great website whether you need it to be hosted or not. If you would like it hosted be confident that it is in good hands with maximum uptime running on secure servers within a secure environment. The only websites hosted are ones which are created or altered by TVWebDesigns which allows for trusted code(and customers) to exist in our environment. Tier.net has been utilized for years as the data center (we utilize their Dallas, TX center) due to their unmatched ability to maintain our serving needs. All servers are running Linux with a back-end control panel for each customer.


Not only are most of the web sites created by TVWebDesigns regardless of who you decide to host with utilizing a CMS back-end for easy updates the server environment itself if hosted incorporates CPanel for a wide range of control. Whether you'd like to create brand new email addresses for your domain to setting up auto-responders or have direct access to the visitor logs so you know exactly how many and who is visiting your site that is all readily accessible. For the more advanced users direct access to any database your site may be using to setting up Linux Apache PHP MySQLautomatic cron jobs are all a part of the CPanel experience as well.


Server Software:

  • AlmaLinux 8.9
  • Apache(2.4.x)
  • PHP(8.2) - Capable of running multiple versions of PHP per site needs though all sites are built to be PHP 8.2 compatible.
  • MYSQL(8.0) - Most sites utilizing a database backend are created with MySQL. Other options are available such as Postgres or MariaDB.


Regardless if TVWebDesigns hosts your site or not it can be maintained for a nominal monthly or one time fee. The goal with the end result is to present a web site that can be updated by most users if needed whether it be image related to updating text throughout. If not comfortable with such updates(or perhaps the effect it can have on SEO) the maintenance of the site includes image sizing and optimization to ensure fast loading times to textual work as your needs may change.