Joomla vs WordPress

It really isn't a matter of which CMS is better than the other. It is really which one works for you and your site. Both Joomla and WordPress are open source systems written in PHP and either can be made to look and function for the end user almost identical to each other. WordPress initially was developed as almost strictly blogging software while Joomla from it's inception started with the idea of it being a full blown CMS that can be built on modularly. Over time WordPress has incorporated add-ons/plugins which can do many of the things Joomla can and vice versa. Both now handle SEO well and both open source systems are quick to respond to any security flaw that may arise. Many large businesses depend on both for their web presence. The site for TVWebDesigns is built on Joomla but as stated the same look/functionality can be had using either.




Joomla is a very extensible and expandable CMS that once turned over to you is easy to update. TVWebDesigns can deliver a web site to you cost effectively due to it's open source nature and supported content that is oftentimes(but not always) free. For small businesses that need to incorporate a web store many applications seamlessly integrate into the designJoomla making it a popular choice for e-commerce worldwide. At it's core, Joomla is built as a CMS with native functionality that other CMS's rely on plugins to mimic. Joomla is easy to administrate and allows for multiple "editors" if needed using a consistent back-end interface. Recent updates to the Joomla core code have greatly improved it's SEO abilities out of the box.

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  • Peugeot
  • Eiffel Tower
  • U.S. Central Command
  • Many, many, more. Trusted by over 3300 government websites worldwide.



WordPress is by far the most popular CMS used for websites today...it powers nearly 73 million. Like Joomla it is also open source with a great user base constantly expanding it's functionality. Primarily developed as a blogger interface with the addition of plugins WordPress now has the ability to achieve most anything desired in personal to small business web presence. WordPress has focused on SEO at it's core and as well has multiple plugins developed specifically for e-commerce. It is a very extensible and expandable CMS that once turned over to you is easy to update. For those that are familiar with the administrator interface of WordPress over Joomla this may be the best option.

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  • Many, many, more with a growth in popularity over the last few years.