Yes....of course. In Joomla the look of your site is controlled by a template and equally it is called a theme in WordPress. Any Joomla or WordPress site uses them. Store fronts such as X-Cart and Magento utilize the same concept.

Templates and Themes

When clients ask if a template is being used what is really being asked is if we simply went out and purchased a $50 template, prettied it up with different colors, pictures, etc. and resold it. When that occurs there is the question of value in what one is purchasing from a designer. In reality, the process is different for each customer of TVWebDesigns and there are sometimes good reasons to incorporate a design into an existing template. After speaking to a client and understanding what is desired in a site in look and functionality the initial design of the site is typically done in Photoshop where it's really just an image(s) that can then be logically broken down into sections and coded as a working interface. Depending on each section of the image and how it is "sliced" it may work with a template we have access to or it may not.....the end result is essentially the same for it starts with a blank slate. Either way the design is completely unique and when done and tested the code is optimized to your design. We don't reinvent the wheel if it's not necessary where this site is even technically based on a WordPress theme deconstructed to what is needed/desired. The end result is what we are after.